caminando entre mundos

«Caminando entre mundos / walking between worlds» Performance. Biosfera Experimental. Platform for experimentation, research and diffusion of Arte Acción. Directed by Esmeralda Pérez Tamiz. Parque Nacional Desierto de los Leones. Mexico City.  Pictures: ©Antonio Velázquez, ©Pancho Lopez.

I walk barefoot on top and on the edge of one of the buildings of the old ex-convent built at the beginning of the 17th century, the first convent built in Mexico. It was declared as the first national park 1917.

I walk barefoot. And I stare into the space. I walk with fear of heights, with fear of the emptiness below me, a false step and I fall, a stumble and I fly through the air and land I don’t know where, probably like a pile of shards.

This is how I sometimes feel in my walk through life between two worlds: the European and the Mexican. However, the roots are so strong, as well as my fear of heights, I walk feeling and perceiving the sounds around me. Sacred songs coming from some device, cumbias and mariachis coming from somewhere else.

Birds, smells, fresh air. I walk. I walk until I reach a point where I find my doll, a typical doll made of papier-mâché that reminds me of my childhood, of my roots.

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