substanz. performance art issues

substanz. performance art issues is a new project -with an old idea-  by Maricruz Peñaloza focuses on Performance Art and but also considering other connections between dance, visual art and performance art.

The inspiration for substanz. performance art issues sprung from the idea and -once again- the question about: how we can document performance art? …and one way doing it, is writing about it, maybe not really being very specific or writing in an specific way but trying to record the works and ideas in writing. ‘Substanz’ aims the presentation and exploration of ideas and the exchange of research and knowledge, with a focus also on the study of the performance art and performance art history. ‘Substanz’ asks artists, curators and writers across Switzerland to contribute to built this little big project.

Also the idea to publish the zines comes from the challenges involved in covering performance. Curators might be specialised in one area but have a limited background in performance art, which might be the focus of the whole artistic work of many artists. It’s an ongoing conversation and an exciting one, especially since we’re looking at a growing number of artists who have been active in performance art over the past 20 years – at least in Switzerland – but we’d dare to say so elsewhere in the world. And also we are witness of the fact that more and more museums and galleries committed to presenting performance artists.

The launch of substanz. performance art issues took place in November 2018 on the occasion of Volumes. Independent Publishing Art Fair  at the Kunsthalle in Zurich. We were pleased to have a lot of friends of the performance art scene but also friends of the publishing affairs.

All editions are limited.  For further information and / or purchase order, please send a message to:


  • substanz. performance art issues No. 11 – SPECIAL EDITION dedicated to the 11. PERFORMANCE REIHE NEU-OERLIKON 2020.
  • stay tuned! Ort und Datum der Präsentation folgt!

    substanz. performance art issues No. 11 – issue dedicated to the Special Edition 11. PERFORMANCE REIHE-NEU OERLIKON 2020.

    Launch Saturday  8. Mai 2021 | Oerliker Park. Come along!

    • substanz. performance art issues No. 10 – issue dedicated to EXTRA! Festival Internacional de Performance. Mexiko City.

    Launch Saturday  9. November 2019 | VIA, Amerbachstrasse 55a, 4057 Basel. Come along!

    • substanz. performance art issues No. 9 – this  issue is dedicated to the first edition of the Performance Open-Air St. Gallen 2018. With all documentation of the performances and  the participants.

    Launch: Saturday, 17 August 2019 |  12 pm  | Frauenpavillon.  This will be part of the 2. Performance Open-Air St. Gallen. Performance Open-Air St. Gallen. Come along!

    • substanz. performance art issues No. 8 – will be dedicated to Judith Huber/ Lucern and her performance “2x Fichte”. Judith Huber is the winner of the Performance Prize Switzerland 2018:

    Launch: Thursday, 6 June | 7 pm |   (ORT)   studio: Judith Huber | Gerliswilstrasse 23 | 6020 Emmenbrücke  Judith Huber. Come along!

    • substanz. performance art issues No. 1 – No. 7

      The first 7 fanzines are colourful publications about individual performances which took place last year (2017) in Madrid on the occasion of the Acción!Mad17 -XIV Encuentro de Arte Acción Festival, where Maricruz Peñaloza was invited as curator for Switzerland, the festival guest country. In this sense, the first zines are dedicated to the following artists and their showed performances at the festival:

    • Substanz  No. 1 –  Gisela Hochuli. Untitled

    • Substanz No. 2 –  Lilian Frei  / Lara Buffard. Meat 2017

    • Substanz No. 3 –  Pascal Lampert. Orbit

    • Substanz No. 4 – Saskia Edens. La naissance de la Langue

    • Substanz No. 5 – Marc Mouci. TOP

    • SubstanzNo. 6 – Adela Picón / Maricruz Peñaloza. Chocolate amargo 

    • Substanz No. 7 – Interview mit Nieves Correa / Abel Loureda The issue number seven is an interview with the Spanish performance artist couple, Nieves Correa / Abel Loureda, who are at the same time the artistic director and the production manager and photographer respectively of  the Acción!Mad17 -XIV Encuentro de Arte Acción Festival/ Madrid.

    Some images about the launching of substanz. performance art issues at Volumes. Independent Publishing Art Fair, Kunsthalle, Zürich.

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