von tanzen, leidensweg und weissen spuren

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For two hours I walk along the street where the marsie – space for collective art is located. As a first act, I left a pair of loose women’s shoes on both sides of the street.
Then I take a bag with a white powder, so I walk on the street, this is also left behind. White tracks and lines are also left on the road. I come and go along the whole route. Sometimes I stand somewhere on the street and the white powder keeps coming out of my bag.

As a third act, I stand in front of the gallery and take out a loud speaker from which my voice comes out, telling stories, autobiographical ones, interwoven with those of women passing through the southern border, where I am originally from. I keep walking down the street, back and forth, while white powder continues to come out of my (pink) bag.
At another point in the street, the stories from the loudspeaker can be heard again. It is dark when the performance ends.

This performance was realised within the framework of the WE WALK – STRATEGIES FROM ZURICH. Curated by Marie-Anne Lerjen and Simone Etter.

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