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  • EXTRA! EXTRA! Festival Internacional de Performance. Encuentro Binacional Mexico / Suiza. Mexico City: Ex Teresa Arte Actual / Artspace México- 19. – 22. June .
    Curators: Pancho Lopez (MX) – Maricruz Peñaloza (CH). With the participation of:

Margarit von Büren – cultural theorist- Lucern

and the artists

Lilian Frei-Locarno | Saskia Edens- Basel | Gisela Hochuli- Bern | Markus Goessi-Basel



  • 2. Performance-Open-Air St. Gallen | Stadtpark – Frauenpavillon

Saturday, 17 August 11 am
Launch of substanz No. 9. performance art issues | Video documentation  Frauenpavillon

Performances  1 – 6 pm . 10 positions will perform 10 performances: eight individual artists, one duo, as well as a trio of female artists are on the programme*:

Benjamin Heller – Zita Buess-Watson- Luzern

Jorge Raka – Sion

Klarissa Flückiger – Luzern

Lika Nüssli – St. Gallen

Lukas Avendaño – Mexiko

Marc Mouci – Zürich

Muda Mathis, Sus Zwick, Sibylle – Basel / St. Gallen

Pascale Grau – Basel / St.Gallen

Pascal Lampert – St. Maria Val Müstair / Rehetobel

Stina Kasser – Luzern

*this is not the right sequence of the program. Please come back and stay tuned!





Performance-Open-Air St. Gallen | Stadtpark – Frauenpavillon, St. Gallen.


  • Performance-Open-Air St. Stadtpark | Frauenpavillon, St. Gallen.
  • Performances at VOLUMES Independent Art Publishing Fair. Kunsthalle, Zurich


  • Curator of Switzerland/ invited country. Accion!MAD17-XIV Encuentro de ArteAcción. Naves Matadero. Madrid / ES
  •  LEGS. Ausstellungsraum Klingental. Basel. Together with Olivia Wiederkehr.
  • 1. Performance Reihe St. Gallen. MoE. Museum of Emptiness. St. Gallen.


  • Remo Fella.  «vom designobjekt zum kulturgut» Photography exhibition. magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich
  • Luis Lumbreras.  «ex-presion». Photography exhibition. magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich


  • Vera Malamud. «Lieblings Luftschlösser». Drawing exhibition.  magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich
  • Christoph Hauri. Drawing and books exhibition. magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich


  • PERFORMANCE REIHE NEU-OERLIKON. – until now. Oerlikerpark. Zurich
  • Pascal Lampert. Video-installations. Performance. «In Örlikon gits öpis». magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich
  • Aida Schläpfer. Video and short films. Artist talk. magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich.
  • «Entre Deux», Did Schaffer/Saskia Lampert. Tanz/Choreografie zu «Le sacre du  printemps»  von Igor Strawinsky. magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich


  • Mariann Landolt. Künstlerin. gefunden. found. Fotografie Ausstellung. Fotografie Kunstbuch.  magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich


  • «Technologie & Körper im 21. Jahrhundert » Technology & body in the 21th century. 3 days symposium. Project idea on the occasion of the the jubilee of the  Kanton St. Gallen. In collaboration with René Stettler (Lucern). The project came in to the second round.


  • Chroma Festival Internacional de Video. Curator «Swiss Window». Guadalajara, Mexiko.


  • Co-founder of  K4 Plattform for Performance Art, Zurich | Plattform for well-known and unknown performance artists from Switzerland.  Organisation and Research.

1997 –  2000

  • Co-organizator of different exhbitions. Among others «Video unter Grund» in Escher Wyss-Platz | Performance Events, Rote Fabrik,  Zurich.


  • «México en Suiza» Exhibition of photography and paintings of Mexican artists. Curator-Organiser. Waaghaus. St. Gallen.


Talks | Lectures


  • Artist Talk with Eduardo Briones.  Lumen Consultores. Chiapas / Mexiko
  • Srinagar Biennale. Cultural Hues. Ausstellungsraum Klingental. Basel


  • Conference-performance «Bosquejos de la performance en Helvetia» within the framework of  «Acción!MAD17- XIV Encuentro Internacional de Arte de Acción».  With actions of: Gisela Hochuli, Klara Schilliger, Adela Picon and Valerian Maly.  Naves Matadero, Madrid.


  • Lecture and Discussion.  «Cuerpo a Cuerpo » 4to. Encuentro de Performance, música video. Centro de Arte La Regenta. Gran Canaria / ES


  • Since 2015   Member of  PANCH. Performance Art Network CH and since March 2019 also board member.
  • Since 2009    Self-employed as curator for performance art