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coming up 2019 

  • EXTRA! Festival Internacional de Performance. Encuentro Binacional Mexico / Suiza. Mexico City: Ex Teresa Arte Actual / Artspace México- 19. – 22. June 2019. Curators: Pancho Lopez (MX) – Maricruz Peñaloza (CH). With the participation of:

Lilian Frei (CH), Saskia Edens (CH), Gisela Hochuli (CH), Markus Goessi (CH)l and Margarit von Büren, cultural theorist (CH). Celeste Flores (MX), Erika Bülle (MX), Maria Eugenia Chellet (MX), Jorge Ismael Rodriguez (MX).

With the kindly support of Prohelvetia.



  • 2. Performance-Open-Air St. Gallen | Stadtpark – Frauenpavillon Saturday, 17 August 1 pm 
  •  Launch of substanz No. 9. performance art issues- Saturday, 17 August 11 am |




already past:


Performance-Open-Air St. Gallen | Stadtpark – Frauenpavillon, St. Gallen.


  • Performance-Open-Air St. Stadtpark | Frauenpavillon, St. Gallen.
  • Performances at VOLUMES Independent Art Publishing Fair. Kunsthalle, Zurich


  • Curator of Switzerland/ invited country. Accion!MAD17-XIV Encuentro de ArteAcción. Naves Matadero. Madrid / ES
  •  LEGS. Ausstellungsraum Klingental. Basel. Together with Olivia Wiederkehr.
  • 1. Performance Reihe St. Gallen. MoE. Museum of Emptiness. St. Gallen.


  • Remo Fella.  «vom designobjekt zum kulturgut» Photography exhibition. magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich
  • Luis Lumbreras.  «ex-presion». Photography exhibition. magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich


  • Vera Malamud. «Lieblings Luftschlösser». Drawing exhibition.  magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich
  • Christoph Hauri. Drawing and books exhibition. magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich


  • PERFORMANCE REIHE NEU-OERLIKON. – until now. Oerlikerpark. Zurich
  • Pascal Lampert. Video-installations. Performance. «In Örlikon gits öpis». magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich
  • Aida Schläpfer. Video and short films. Artist talk. magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich.
  • «Entre Deux», Did Schaffer/Saskia Lampert. Tanz/Choreografie zu «Le sacre du  printemps»  von Igor Strawinsky. magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich


  • Mariann Landolt. Künstlerin. gefunden. found. Fotografie Ausstellung. Fotografie Kunstbuch.  magic box twice is nice. Concept Store. Zürich


  • «Technologie & Körper im 21. Jahrhundert » Technology & body in the 21th century. 3 days symposium. Project idea on the occasion of the the jubilee of the  Kanton St. Gallen. In collaboration with René Stettler (Lucern). The project came in to the second round.


  • Chroma Festival Internacional de Video. Curator «Swiss Window». Guadalajara, Mexiko.


  • Co-founder of  K4 Plattform for Performance Art, Zurich | Plattform for well-known and unknown performance artists from Switzerland.  Organisation and Research.

1997 –  2000

  • Co-organizator of different exhbitions. Among others «Video unter Grund» in Escher Wyss-Platz | Performance Events, Rote Fabrik,  Zurich.


  • «México en Suiza» Exhibition of photography and paintings of Mexican artists. Curator-Organiser. Waaghaus. St. Gallen.


Talks | Lectures


  • Artist Talk with Eduardo Briones.  Lumen Consultores. Chiapas / Mexiko
  • Srinagar Biennale. Cultural Hues. Ausstellungsraum Klingental. Basel


  • Conference-performance «Bosquejos de la performance en Helvetia» within the framework of  «Acción!MAD17- XIV Encuentro Internacional de Arte de Acción».  With actions of: Gisela Hochuli, Klara Schilliger, Adela Picon and Valerian Maly.  Naves Matadero, Madrid.


  • Lecture and Discussion.  «Cuerpo a Cuerpo » 4to. Encuentro de Performance, música video. Centro de Arte La Regenta. Gran Canaria / ES


  • Since 2015   Member of  PANCH. Performance Art Network CH and since March 2019 also board member.
  • Since 2009    Self-employed as curator for performance art