the future is not like it was

Performance. 25 Min. Escher Wyss- Platz Unterführung, Zürich. Kunstraum Field, Zürich. ©2000

Material: 4 Videocameras, 4 monitors, 10 mini recorders, personal diary, one big video projection, 1 beamer, 1 plastic sofa, 1 LCD

I sit on the sofa and read from my personal diary, sometimes I get up and record random words on mini-recorders, which are then left on the floor.

There are several different video recordings, some of which are recorded live on stage by four people. At the same time you can hear the noise from above, from Escher Wyss-Platz, the trams passing by, but also these noises below, as if the trams were down below.
There are also audio recordings of children playing by the sea, recording of the tram and the noises of the streets. Different realities are blended at the same time. I’m the only (real) present.

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