aventura o el encuentro con el enemigo invisible

200423_Maricruz Peñaloza_Dibujo_Alicia_V
©drawing by Alicia Velazquez from her Periscopio series, 2020

After four weeks of confinement, I have ventured out, of necessity. I took a bus, then a tram, to end up walking through a neighborhood in Zurich, looking for the mailbox where I was supposed to deliver the HD, with some material.

Until then I had not left more than the perimeter from which I have walked until now. Wandering with Felicia, my Golden Retriever. From my house to the tree-forest and back. Nothing else, not even shopping at the supermarket.

As soon as I left my neighbourhood, I felt some fear, fear of finding a “something”, an I don’t know what but different, as if leaving my radio exposed me and made me more vulnerable, the target of the invisible enemy, whom I had neither seen nor heard of until now but of whom we speak every day.

Did I want or did I have to leave my house, to the adventure? More the last one. But at the same time I wanted to see, feel, smell and experience other environments, other areas. I was also very curious to go on the tram, to watch other streets, other scenarios, at the same time I felt some strange sensation. I felt the enemy in the air.

I saw a lot of people: young people, old people, families and couples on the streets, but not on public transport.

And as soon as I reached my destination, I returned home. That’s how far my adventure went.

Maricruz Peñaloza. Zurich, April 2020

Text originally written in Spanish:

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